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Disposable Shoe Covers 25 pairs Box pink (50pcs)


  • Waterproof
  • Slip Resistant
  • Medical Use
  • Elastic Seam
  • Anti-bacteria


This disposable protective shoe covers are made medical or lad test grade for professional hospital lad medical use. As we are factory direct shoe covers suppliers, we can manufacture or customize disposable protective shoe cover according to your special requirements in size, height or color or produce better anti-bacteria and quality shoe covers with greater protection.  

Disposable protective shoe cover medical use are widely used by:

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratory
  • Food industry
  • Electronic manufacturer
  • Model Houses
  • Dust-free workshop
  • Company Office – especially in raining times
  • Glass Bridge
  • Operation Room
  • Computer room etc.

This disposable long PE shoe boots covers protector are made for hospital medical use as protective equipment especially for slippery surfaces or surgical scene uses for safety and protection. The free size make it easy to wear for feet size of all range. With proper disinfectant and wearing, this shoe or boots cover can keep your foot wear off dust, chemical or any unnoticeable dangerous particles. The exterior surface of disposable shoes cover is designed for skid resistance and waterproof for safe and comfortable wearing all day. The disposable shoe cover or boots covers are essential in disease control in epidemic prevent for personnel or medical professionals’ protection. If you are company procurement, medical supply buyers or trading companies searching for premium thicken disposable shoe covers whether for office flu prevention or medical lad use, discover factory customized shoe cover option the product of choice for you.