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Face Shields

1. Double-sided anti-fog high-transmitting PET film, anti-scratch, strong acid and alkali resistance;

2. Reasonable structure, suitable for workers of various head types, can directly cover myopia glasses, convenient for work;

3. It can effectively avoid the infection of medical personnel caused by body fluids;

4, light weight, ergonomic design, built-in soft cushions to reduce the pressure on the forehead of the hat body, comfortable to wear, no sense of pressure;

5, anti-fog performance is good, PET protective film is faster than ordinary film diffuse fog, and also added a unique diffuse fog mouth design, to give you a clear vision at any time;

1. Wear firmly and reliably, without bending or bowing.

2. to prevent droplets, aerosols, harmful liquids, dust splashes from damaging or cross-infecting people's faces and eyes.